Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Here's how to turn the blues into a blueprint.

It's almost time to unveil The Dynamic Divorcee 30-Day Holiday Blues Busting Challenge.  That's a mouthful!

In this blog, I talk about the part of the program that has been the most intriguing to everyone:  How to turn the blues into a blueprint for the new year.

It doesn't require any special equipment; just some paper and a pen -- as I'll show you here:

What you can expect if you complete the 30 days:

  • You can expect to have fun during the holiday season and minimize the sadness, regret, shame, and guilt.
  • You can expect to find out more about yourself than you have ever known before -- and it's all good!
  • You can expect to try as many new things as you feel like exploring, and create some new traditions along the way.
  • You can expect to reconnect with people who make you feel good, and meet a few new people to add to your circle in the new year.
  • You can expect to learn ways to care for yourself, with love, as never before.
  • You can expect to find ways to enjoy the pleasure of your own company, and no longer fear times of being on your own.
  • And, you can expect to finish the Challenge, with a fun and totally doable life plan for the new year, choosing areas where you want to see positive change in your life and then conducting mini-experiments to find out the quickest and most painless ways to your goals.
  • Yes, you can have all of the above!  I know, because I have done it, and now I want to share it with you.
30-Day Challenge goes live on Black Friday
I've put together a little gift for you here -- and it outlines the 5 steps we'll be having fun with in the challenge.

And you can learn more about The Dynamic Divorcee 30-Day Holiday Blues-Busting Challenge when we open enrollment on Black Friday, Nov. 28.

But, for now, we just want to say that it's a guided program with lots of support that includes a 40-page ebook program guide, five 20-minute audio guided lessons with fun exercises to help you open up to self-nurturing as well as learning to identify and reach out only to those who make you feel good.  And you'll learn to minimize the impact of those who don't!

The whole process is kept as simple (deceptively simple) as possible.  This is not psychoanalysis.  You will not be delving into painful memories.  You will not be reliving experiences that you would prefer to forget.

And, we keep adding fun extras to the program, like a private facebook group, an interactive Pinterest board, and we still have a couple of unannounced special gifts up our sleeves.  And something really special for the first ten women to join the Challenge.

People keep wondering what the program will cost.  The answer is waaaay under $100, and the sooner you decide to join, the more affordable the experience will be!

In the meantime, before we roll everything out on Friday, please get your 5 Surprising Blues Cures here

Have a question or comment?  Let me know below.  And, see you on Black Friday!

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